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 What if you could change the world for the better with your first cup of coffee in the morning?  
 What if you could help provide safe drinking water to a remote village half way around the world with an afternoon cup of tea?    
  What if you could greatly improve the lives of hardworking farmers and their families by enjoying  a chocolate treat?   

                                                                       The answer is  You Can !


                                                                                     Now will you?

    ******* Please see our "Shop" page for a special offer and opportunity to help women in Haiti. ********

      It doesn't have to hurt to help.          
A minor adjustment in your life can yield major improvements in someone else's. By purchasing high quality Fair Trade products at competitive prices you are ensuring that a grower or producer is paid a fair wage, that no women or children were exploited and that sustainable agriculture methods were used.
Orders totaling over $150 will be shipped FREE. You can even form a buying co-op to make it easier to reach that $150 minimum.  Simply gather a few friends together and register your co-op here.   Then place your co-op order  on line.  In the check out process you will have the opportunity to type in your co-op name and shipping address. Orders over $150 will be shipped FREE.
Our newsletters will often contain coupons and specials as well as important fair trade news.  So sign up and stay in the loop!

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It's that simple.  You  have just insured that a small farmer who would otherwise be marginalized will be paid a living wage.  Or maybe you have helped a group of HIV patients to support themselves. Or a group of handicapped young people to earn their livings. Or an artisan to feed her family and send her children to school. One thing is certain.  The money you spend on your Fair Trade purchases is money wisely invested in people as well as the environment.

Go ahead, have another cup of joe.  And smile, you just made the world a better place!
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